# Map of the site Hi! Welcome to my homepage. Checkout the following maps: - [Map of TELE4652](Map%20of%20TELE4652.md) - [ELEC4122 - Strategic Leadership and Ethics](ELEC4122%20-%20Strategic%20Leadership%20and%20Ethics.md) - [Map of ELEC4602](Map%20of%20ELEC4602.md) - [Map of PHYS1160](Map%20of%20PHYS1160.md) - [Map of Components](Map%20of%20Components.md) - [Map of Working Notes](Map%20of%20Working%20Notes.md) - [Map of Sources](Map%20of%20Sources.md) >[!tip] Like what you see? >If these notes gave you more free time to have coffees with friends, feel free to return the favour and [Buy me a Coffee](https://www.buymeacoffee.com/peterfmcnair)